Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Trip To California For Mckynlee's Blessing

Over Labor Day weekend the whole family headed down to California and stayed with Niki and Clint for Mckynlee's blessing and to celebrate the twins birthday.
Our first day we headed out to Newport beach!

The girls!

Dax and his grandpa. Daxton loved the beach and couldn't stop rolling in the sand and water.

Everyone playing in the sand.

Michael and Whitnie.

After the beach we headed to Clint's parents house for a BBQ and swimming in their pool.

Dax, Trent, Michael, Kaden and Tyler S. having fun in the pool.

Mckynlee with her grandpa McDowell in her swimsuit.

Dax and Trenton. The next day was the twins birthday and we all headed to Sea World (sorry, I had no pics of that day). Despite it being hot and humid we had a great time. After Sea World Haley, Tyler S., Whitnie, Michael, Trenton and Tyler all went to a Jack Johnson concert for the twins birthday.

The next day Clint blessed Mckynlee and we were so glad we could all be there for the event.

Princess for the day, Mckynlee Sarah McDowell.

Kaden playing the drums.

Brock and Trent playing Rock Band. Brock was singing his heart out.

Dax and Kaden enjoying a bath.

Monday everyone was leaving and Daxton was pretty sad. He didn't want his best friend, Trenton, to leave. As you can tell from his face in this picture. He cried when Trenton left. It was so sad. It was so fun being there and we enjoyed being together as a whole family, which doesn't happen very much.

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