Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tyler Got His Mission Call!

Tyler got his mission call today! He is going to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! He is way excited and can't wait to teach the gospel in nice warm Florida. He leaves to the MTC on March 18th. Congrats Ty.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Sorry if you didn't get a Christmas card. We just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We were able to have the whole family together, which we love. Niki and Clint were able to come for the whole week and Whitnie flew in Wednesday and stayed until Sunday.
Here was Mckynlee rolling on the floor. She was a little afraid of grandpa and grandma when she first arrived, but warmed up to us quickly. We can't believe how quickly she grows.

We've kept the boys old lego's in hopes that our grandkids would enjoy them. Well this trip Daxton pull them out and loved them. He especially enjoyed taking the little guys heads on and off.

Well we managed to attend two Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving. All Kim's siblings were in town so grandma Voorhees wanted everyone to get together. So we all met at his sister Sue's house for a early Thanksgiving dinner. In this picture we've got Carisse, Whitnie, Mckynlee and Kim just hanging out.

Get our feast ready!

Clint and Niki!

Aren't we cute (Niki is narrating for me, so she can write that)!

The little kid table: Brendan, Daxton, Brock and Fisher escaped the picture.

The adult table: Jerry, Linda, Kim, Rock, Grandpa V., Grandma V., Steve, Dot and Sue.

The cousins table: Clint, Niki, Jed, Julie, (Tyler is hiding), Carisse, Whitnie, Trenton, Brianna, Haley, Tyler, Ashley and Justin.

Later we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Hickens for our second dinner. It was fun watching our grandkids build with grandma's containers like our kids did when they were little.

The little kids table. Just Brock and Daxton this time.

The adult table: Else, Rob, Kim, Linda, Grandma H., Grandpa H.

The cousins table: Anna, Kevin, Heidi, Clint, Rachel, Clint, Niki, Tyler, Haley, Mckynlee, Whitnie, Trenton and Tyler.

The day after Thanksgiving we had our annual Thanksgiving breakfast (which we usually do Thanksgiving morning, but thought that would be too much with two dinners and all) and then headed up to Mueller Park for family pictures. Then we just hung out and went to a movie. Here is a picture of Whitnie and Mckynlee. Mckynlee is wearing the hat/beanie that our niece Ashley made her. Isn't it so cute? If you want one for your own you can go to Ashley's website and order one.

My girls! We had a great holiday together. I wish we could be together all the time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Niki Comes to Utah

One of Niki's best friends, Bonnie, was getting married so her and Mckynlee flew out for the weekend to go to the wedding. It was fun having her in town even though it was just for a couple of days.
Mckynlee all dressed up and ready to go to the reception.

Niki and Bonnie the new bride.

On Saturday Linda, Niki, Tyler and Mckynlee headed down to SLC to go to the farmers market at Pioneer Park. We met up with Niki's friends Breck and Britney and us girls bought some cute headbands and got a picture of all of us wearing them.

Then we headed to Grandma Hicken's so she could meet Mckynlee for the first time. Mckynlee just ate her up. She loved her great-grandma and wouldn't stop giving her smiles. It was so cute, there was definitely a connection.

Four Generations.

We wore Tyler out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Trip To California For Mckynlee's Blessing

Over Labor Day weekend the whole family headed down to California and stayed with Niki and Clint for Mckynlee's blessing and to celebrate the twins birthday.
Our first day we headed out to Newport beach!

The girls!

Dax and his grandpa. Daxton loved the beach and couldn't stop rolling in the sand and water.

Everyone playing in the sand.

Michael and Whitnie.

After the beach we headed to Clint's parents house for a BBQ and swimming in their pool.

Dax, Trent, Michael, Kaden and Tyler S. having fun in the pool.

Mckynlee with her grandpa McDowell in her swimsuit.

Dax and Trenton. The next day was the twins birthday and we all headed to Sea World (sorry, I had no pics of that day). Despite it being hot and humid we had a great time. After Sea World Haley, Tyler S., Whitnie, Michael, Trenton and Tyler all went to a Jack Johnson concert for the twins birthday.

The next day Clint blessed Mckynlee and we were so glad we could all be there for the event.

Princess for the day, Mckynlee Sarah McDowell.

Kaden playing the drums.

Brock and Trent playing Rock Band. Brock was singing his heart out.

Dax and Kaden enjoying a bath.

Monday everyone was leaving and Daxton was pretty sad. He didn't want his best friend, Trenton, to leave. As you can tell from his face in this picture. He cried when Trenton left. It was so sad. It was so fun being there and we enjoyed being together as a whole family, which doesn't happen very much.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Proud Grandma!

My mom has come out to help me for the week after having a c-section. My boys were so excited for her to come and have loved every minute of her being here. I think they are totally wearing her out. She is definitely a proud grandma though. And since we never get my mom in any pictures because she is usually taking them. I got this picture of her holding Mckylnee. I love my mom's face as she is looking at her!

Mckynlee Is Here!

I know you have all been waiting for a post on the Voorhees blog and since no one else is getting to it in my family you get to hear from me. Mckynlee Sarah McDowell was born on July 22nd at 5:25 pm weighing 8lbs 50z and was 19 1/2 inches. Mommy and Daddy are so excited and so are her two older brothers.