Sunday, November 30, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We were able to have the whole family together, which we love. Niki and Clint were able to come for the whole week and Whitnie flew in Wednesday and stayed until Sunday.
Here was Mckynlee rolling on the floor. She was a little afraid of grandpa and grandma when she first arrived, but warmed up to us quickly. We can't believe how quickly she grows.

We've kept the boys old lego's in hopes that our grandkids would enjoy them. Well this trip Daxton pull them out and loved them. He especially enjoyed taking the little guys heads on and off.

Well we managed to attend two Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving. All Kim's siblings were in town so grandma Voorhees wanted everyone to get together. So we all met at his sister Sue's house for a early Thanksgiving dinner. In this picture we've got Carisse, Whitnie, Mckynlee and Kim just hanging out.

Get our feast ready!

Clint and Niki!

Aren't we cute (Niki is narrating for me, so she can write that)!

The little kid table: Brendan, Daxton, Brock and Fisher escaped the picture.

The adult table: Jerry, Linda, Kim, Rock, Grandpa V., Grandma V., Steve, Dot and Sue.

The cousins table: Clint, Niki, Jed, Julie, (Tyler is hiding), Carisse, Whitnie, Trenton, Brianna, Haley, Tyler, Ashley and Justin.

Later we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Hickens for our second dinner. It was fun watching our grandkids build with grandma's containers like our kids did when they were little.

The little kids table. Just Brock and Daxton this time.

The adult table: Else, Rob, Kim, Linda, Grandma H., Grandpa H.

The cousins table: Anna, Kevin, Heidi, Clint, Rachel, Clint, Niki, Tyler, Haley, Mckynlee, Whitnie, Trenton and Tyler.

The day after Thanksgiving we had our annual Thanksgiving breakfast (which we usually do Thanksgiving morning, but thought that would be too much with two dinners and all) and then headed up to Mueller Park for family pictures. Then we just hung out and went to a movie. Here is a picture of Whitnie and Mckynlee. Mckynlee is wearing the hat/beanie that our niece Ashley made her. Isn't it so cute? If you want one for your own you can go to Ashley's website and order one.

My girls! We had a great holiday together. I wish we could be together all the time.

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